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Local Moving

Moving home means you are about to put all your belongings and the most valuable items in the hands of a moving company, so it is vital you make the right choice on picking your moving company.

Long Distance Moving

Whether you are moving as a family, as a couple or an individual, this can be an exciting and emotional time for you. We can help by taking the stress out of the logistics of your moving so you can concentrate on the important things in your new life.

Commercial Moving

Our movers are well aware that your company comes first. And we're ready to assist you and your unique requirements in any way we can. Get comprehensive business mobility and storage solutions that fit your schedule, budget, and requirements.

Piano Moving

YOTA MOVING understands how precious your Piano is to you. We will take every care with your Piano, from the moving from its current location, in transit and settling it in to its new home. Specialist piano moving equipment is utilized together with the experience of our staff to ensure a smooth transition for your piano.

Packing & Unpacking

Packing away all your worldly possessions can be the most stressful part of the move. What should you pack first? Which items go with which? How are you going to find the time to get it all done? It’s just one big headache! If you feel like this, then don’t worry. We will relieve you of any stress.

Storage Service

Need flexibility with your home move? Our customers find value in utilizing our onsite storage facilities during home renovations, downsizing, and during transitional living between homes. Get the best storage units at the best prices for your upcoming move! With just a phone call, you'll be well on your way to a stress-free relocation.

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When we quote you a price, everything is included, so you will never get hit with unexpected fees and charges.


Our expert packers and moving specialists will make sure your cherished possessions arrive safely at your destination. Our movers are selected for attitude and are properly trained and insured.


We value our customers’ time and we will not keep you waiting days or hours to get a response. Our friendly team will get in touch with you instantly, and you will receive our free quote within minutes.


We own modern 26ft moving trucks equipped with Air Suspension for a smother ride and Lift-gate making it faster to load and unload the truck. Our vehicles are also fitted with the very latest GPS tracking system.


We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. You can be assured that your movers are always engaged with your move and NOT standing around smoking.

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